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  • How are Alexander Nash suits constructed?
    Each Alexander Nash garment is a precious cut and handsewn from fine italian and english suiting fabrics. We build your suits by using a custom pattern of your body so that its designed specifically to fit your needs.
  • What fabric do you use?
    We offer over wide variaty fabrics worldwide.
  • How do I get measured for a custom suit when buying online?
    Visit any of our showrooms to get the right measurements and requests situated . as well as the software online Contact us for any more information.
  • Can I use measurements taken by my own tailor?
    We recommend you get measured at one of our locations by our best tailors as we do have specific methods at Alexander Nash, however if you choose to, we will be more than happy to pick up after your tailor is done.
  • What does an appointment entail?
    Our appointments are a truly custom experince, you will encounter a walk through thousands of fabrics with our master tailors and our executive stylists. Ensuring the best experinces and the best garment is a priority at Alexander Nash. Our appointments usually lasy 45 minutes to an ahour.
  • Where are the garments made ?
    All of our custom pieces are 100% made in the New York City.
  • How long does it take for a suit to be finalized?
    Depending on the order, weither its a "Bespoke" or a "Made to measure". The time frame for "Bespoke" is 8-10 weeks, with a fitting four times through out this period, that is for any updates on the process. The time frame for a "Made to measure" is 6-8 weeks, with a fitting twice through out this period, that is for any updates on the process.
  • Do you cater to women?
    We do custom suits, (connect button) Check the website for any updates.
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